Short presentation of the umbrella institution of Jysk børneforsorg/Fredehjem (Jutland Childcare)

The institution works with helping children, young and families that are exposed in society. Among other things we cooperate with a lot of municipalities in Denmark and offer supportive and developmental pedagogical offers of both professional and ethical quality. The Christian human view is the foundation for the work of the institution which is resulting in the core values: Dignity, community, life value and trustful relations.
The purpose of the institution is primarily to meet socially exposed children, young and families with a supportive and developmental pedagogical offer of professional and ethical character. This happens, among other things, in cooperation with public authorities and through the building and running social pedagogical alternatives.

The institution at the same time tries to take part in promoting solidarity and understanding of the children, young and families who need support.

Activities of Jysk børneforsorg/Fredehjem can be divided into 4 main groups: 

· Institutions for children and growing up – 24 hour offer for children and young people

· Family offer – day – or 24 hours to support the family

· Offers for handicapped people – day – or 24 hours offer for people with a permanent reduced mental or physical ability to function

· The Housing- and educational offers for young people with special needs – especially developed offers for young people with different kinds of learning disabilities, possibly in connection with other social problems.


The institution of Jysk børneforsorg/Fredehjem is built on the background of stated principles for institutions.
The top authority is the annual Main Board of Heads consisting of 9-12 members which manage the work of the institution.

The administration office of the institution is the Secretaries for the board. The local boards and the connected institutions and managers of projects. The office is managed by Lars Bundgaard who is the Secretary-General.

The institutions of Jysk børneforsorg/Fredehjem, which are managed on their own/separately (financially)and a part of the projects have independent boards. The majority of members in these boards are pointed out by the Main Board.

All together we represent 25 institutions and staff of employees of approximately 650 people.


Contact us

Jysk børneforsorg/Fredehjem
Bethesdavej 81,
DK-8200 Aarhus N

Ph. : +45 8616 7699